About SVC

panorama zima slunecno

Stredisko volneho casu Ivancice is a centre for leisure time activities. It provides a special – interest education and services in the area of upbringing, education and edification for the general public. The mission of the Centre is to motivate, support and encourage children, youth and adults to develop their personality, key competences by a wide offer of activities in a safe environment with a professional team in new trends. The aim of the Centre is a varied and quality offer of activities and involvement in alternative ways of spending free time. The target groups of the organisation are children, youth, adults, seniors and pedagogical workers. The organisation has a long-standing tradition and it was established 1984.

More information on www.svcivancice.cz


The main activities of the organisation:

  • hobby groups and clubs (we offer about 120 hobby groups and clubs per one school year with about 1800 participants)
  • public events (we organise about 150 public events for one year with about 16500 participants)
  • camps and stays (we organise about 40 camps and stays with about 1000 participants)
  • youth clubs (we establish 3 youth clubs in Ivancice, Nove Branice and Dolni Kounice that offer spontaneous and organised activities, about 10000 participants visit these clubs)
  • information youth centre (this centre visits about 2000 clients a year and provides information and consultancy services)
  • youth parliament (these members are actively involved in the events in and around our town)
  • media studio (this studio learns young people to create and work up films, spots and photos)
  • maternity and family centre (this centre includes Children’s centre, activities for children and their parents and educational activities for parents)
  • international activities, european voluntary service, participation in partnership projects
  • educational programs for schools
  • educational seminars for adults
  • community events for order (for organisations, firms, municipalities and towns)

The other activities of our organisation:

  • methodical, counselling and information activities
  • practice, tutoring and preparation of students
  • creation and implementation of projects
  • competitions announced by Ministry of Education
  • cooperation with organisations, associations, schools and media
  • sounding and moderating events
  • rental costumes
  • accommodation, catering, lease space
  • banquets, weddings, parties, corporate events

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