IVANCICE is a south-moravian town in the Czech Republic with about 10 thousand inhabitants. It is located about 30 km far away from the second largest capital Brno in south-west direction. In Ivancice you can find a lot of opportunities for young people. There is a sports hall, a sports stadium, a skatepark, a football field, tennis courts. You can visit a cinema, various exhibitions and a museum. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in our town. In the surroundings you can find a swimming pool, cycle ways, theatres, castles and churches, lookout tower and other cultural and historical interests. Transport connections to the surroundings are at the very good level. Here are located two high schools and no specific minority lives here. More information on http://www.ivancice.cz


The building of SVC Ivancice is situated in a grown garden on the outskirts of Ivancice. SVC Ivancice (previously hall of residence) includes: offices for workers, clubrooms for activities of SVC Ivancice, Information youth centre and FreeZ club, Maternity and Family Centre, Children’s centre, accomodation for EVS volunteers, accomodation for public, dining room and kitchen for events, parties, banquets, weddings … Outside of the building you can find grass, football and multipurpose fields, fireplace and parking. The centre of Ivancice, bus and train stations are far10-20 minutes by  walk.

More information on http://www.svcivancice.cz


NOVE BRANICE is a small active village with about 800 hundred inhabitants. It is situated about 8 kilometres far from Ivancice. There are a lot of local organizations and associations which cooperate with SVC Ivancice. The village is very good transport accessible (1x per hour with 1 change). In this village New Bay Club (our detached workplace) is situated.

More information on http://www.novebranice.cz


The ancient town DOLNI KOUNICE is located 10 kilometres far from Ivancice. The town has about 2500 thousands inhabitants. You can find here a lot of monuments from different periods – romantic ruins of the monastery, castle, the Jewish synagogue and Jewish cemetery and other churches and chapels. The place is also famous for its vineyards and orchards.  Boating, biking and hiking are also other characters of this town. The town is very good transport accessible (1x per with 1 change). In this town Konus Klub (our detached workplace) is situated.

More information on www.dolnikounice.cz


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