BRNO is the second biggest city in Czech Republic. There you can find much more opportunities for young people. There are a lot of students clubs, pubs, EVS volunteers , weekly meetings for foreigners and lot of other places to have a fun and learn new things. Czech youth mostly located in Brno because most of univesities are here. In Brno you can find your own cozy place where you can go even alone and have a good time with new people.
If you are new in Czech Republic this website can be usefull for you, here you can read everything what you need berfore moving to Czech Republic and after that also. Every month in big cities they organize meetings for foreigners and locals, so you can go meet new people and have a interesting time.
From Ivancice to Brno nearly  1  hour by train or bus, but as a volunteer i prefer to go only by train because they are more comfortable. There are trains from Ivancice to Brno every hour and the same for wayback.

Here are some of our photos from Brno


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